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Empowering Healthcare Innovation: Volitan Global’s Investment Endeavors

At Volitan Global, our steadfast dedication revolves around fostering innovation and nurturing growth within the healthcare sector through our specialized investment services. We proudly present two pivotal pillars: the Volitan Ventures Fund and the 10x Health Investment Club.

In fact, Volitan has been an active player in the healthcare investment landscape since 2017. Our deep-seated commitment to fostering innovation and growth is underscored by our extensive partner network, granting us unparalleled proficiency in sourcing lucrative opportunities.

A notable collaboration in our journey is with Aescuvest, which enables us to offer deal-by-deal venture capital services, particularly focused on the intersection of healthtech, medtech, and biotech. This strategic partnership amplifies our ability to tap into vibrant innovation ecosystems and create avenues for remarkable investments. Moreover, in the third quarter of 2023, Volitan Global is set to participate in diverse healthcare investment vehicles both in Turkey and on a global scale, solidifying our position as an instrumental force within the sector.

One cornerstone of our investment landscape is the 10x Health Investment Club, a collaborative endeavor that took root in 2020, uniting visionary partners such as Aescuvest and MVG. To date, we’ve successfully invested over 20 million euros in 15 startups across a broad spectrum – ranging from pre-series A to pre-IPO – predominantly within the domains of digital health and medical technologies. These startups hail from various corners of the globe, spanning countries like Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Israel, and Turkey, thus creating a rich tapestry of innovation across Europe and beyond.

In addition to our fund, the Volitan Ventures Club shines as an exclusive boutique investment haven. Comprising healthcare professionals and investors, this club harnesses a deal-by-deal venture capital approach. This approach grants members exclusive access to meticulously curated investment opportunities, meticulously scrutinized by our team of experts. This due diligence ensures that our members are privy to the most auspicious healthcare investments in the market.

Looking ahead, our ambitions soar high. By the end of 2023, we are steadfastly poised to establish ourselves as a pivotal player, manifesting the largest VC firm within the sector. As we embark on this trajectory, we hold a vital role in shaping the establishment of new healthcare-focused VC ventures, both within Europe and globally. Should you seek to partake in this exhilarating journey of innovation and investment, we encourage you to connect with Irem Eren through email. At Volitan Global, we’re not just investing – we’re architecting the future of healthcare.